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When facing a DUI charge, the impacts could be catastrophic to one’s life and reputation. These impacts and other risks need to be dealt with in a very complex and delicate manner which can be extremely difficult without the proper representation. A DUI charge is something that can drastically change one's life for the worse if not properly handled. DUI charges can come with extremely disastrous consequences, the importance of an experienced defense such as that provided by The Law Offices of Brian Quirk can not be emphasized enough. Without the ability to drive, things once taken for granted such as getting to work, picking up the kids, or helping a friend, can become extremely difficult or impossible. Don't take chances with so much at stake, let Brian provide the expert defense you need.

Repercussions of a DUI charge can include:

- Suspension or revocation of your license
- Insurance premium increases
- Difficulties with your job
- Community service
-Drunk driving school and/or treatment
- Jail time
- Prison time on 2nd and subsequent offenses
- Felony charges on 3rd offense
- DMV charges
- Other fines and penalties

Brian's experience as a prior law enforcement officer and Prosecutor for the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office offers you the chance to retain legal counsel with the experience you need to ensure every avenue for your defense is examined. Having an Attorney with experience on both sides of the legal system will provide you a strong and effective defense for the charges you face. The law Offices of Brian Quirk can help you through this difficult process and they will work tirelessly to minimize the impact it has on your life and you loved ones.

Any case involving a DUI charge needs to be handled with the type of top notch professional legal skills available at The Law Offices of Brian Quirk. Brian always treats your case with the attention it needs. A friendly and caring staff provides expert services and attention to detail that is second to none.