Law Offices of Brian Quirk

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With a criminal arrest comes a high probability of charges that could harm your job and your reputation. In cases such as these it is imperative to have strong and steadfast defense. This allows for the charges against you to be lessened, diminished, or even dismissed. The experience Attorney Brian Quirk has gained as Both a prior law enforcement officer and Prosecutor for the Office of Attorney General will ensure that you receive an expert defense and the most favorable resolution possible.

Brian will investigate every angle of your case with the same skill and dedication he demonstrated while working as a law enforcement officer. The breadth and depth of Brian's experience throughout his career is not often found amongst legal professionals, and this is just one more reason that at The Law Offices of Brian Quirk you will receive the expert legal counsel you deserve.

At the Law Offices of Brian Quirk, we can provide a strong and aggressive criminal defense for:

- Larceny
- Property Crime
- Violent Crimes
- Shoplifting
- Antitrust Violations
- Embezzlement
- Assault
- Robbery
- Arson
- Credit Card fraud
- Misconduct
- RICO (racketeering)
- Welfare and Medicare Fraud
- Health Care Fraud
- Misappropriation of Funds
- Any Other Criminal Charges

As a prior law enforcement officer, Brian Quirk is able to apply his experience to every facet of a criminal case. His work as a prosecutor for the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office also provides unique insight into any case that may be under his control. His knowledge of the processes and procedures that the prosecution will use is vital in a successful defense. A thorough understanding of the resources and constraints under which law enforcement officials operate allows Brian to provide you with the best possible chances for dismissal or a reduction in charges.

Any case involving criminal charges needs to be handled with the type of top notch professional legal skills available at The Law Offices of Brian Quirk. Brian always treats your case with the attention it needs. A friendly and caring staff provides expert services and attention to detail that is second to none.